Steve Taylor is The LifeCycle Man

When he turned sixty back in 2013, Steve got a folding bike with his bus pass in Glasgow, Scotland and began cycling/bussing it to and from his work every day. One thing led to another and within months the bus pass had been parked and LifeCycleForNeuroblastoma was born: that was 70,000 kilometres ago.

In the last five years, Steve has cycled the circumference of the earth almost twice over in a personal crusade to raise awareness and support families affected by neuroblastoma. To learn more about Steve’s epic journey, check out his story at

We at Neuroblastoma Australia became aware of his adventure in the spring of 2017 and we asked Steve if he would to come over to Australia and do an awareness ride for us. He said yes and the idea of Ride2Cure Neuroblastoma was born.

A veteran of several endurance events going back many years, Steve has run a hundred miles (160km) in a day, cycled over two hundred miles (320km) in a day and even now, at age 65, is regularly clocking up 400km a week.

We are proud that Steve has taken this opportunity to support Neuroblastoma Australia and it would be a fitting way to mark the inaugural Ride2Cure if the event were to become a regular fixture on the calendar of cities across Australia in years to come.