Neuroblastoma Australia is a registered charity – currently run by families and friends affected by neuroblastoma on a volunteer basis. The organisation has three main objectives

1) To raise the profile of this childhood cancer – it is the leading cause of death of children under the age of 5 but few have heard of it

2) To increase fundraising efforts targeted specifically at research into Neuroblastoma. Survival rates can be changed with more research and we believe raising awareness will help increase funds for specific neuroblastoma research – we believe it is possible to change the current average survival rate which is 50%. Other childhood cancers such as leukaemia (ALL – 90% survival) have seen a dramatic improvement in survival rates thanks to research and there is no reason why the same progress cannot be made with more research going into neuroblastoma.

To date over 1.1 Million dollars has been raised for neuroblastoma research.

3) To provide information and support for those affected by this childhood cancer. Neuroblastoma is a rare disease and it means a family experiencing neuroblastoma often feel isolated and have no knowledge of this cancer.

Neuroblastoma Australia is inspired by little Sienna Hoffmann who tragically lost her battle against the disease in 2010. Following her determination, this organisation has been created by two families – one being that of Sienna Hoffmann and one being that of Ciara Flanagan who is a neuroblastoma survivor.

Our mission statement is CURE

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